A trained philosopher of science, young-30s, married, father of three boys under five, bogging about my journey fighting glioblastoma: a (so far) incurable grade IV glioma/primary brain tumor.

Expect content involving: patient information, education, and self-advocacy, insight for caregivers, friends, and family, and documenting my personal clinical research trial for one, sharing my experience and research related to standard of care, nutrition, supplements, and overcoming brain injuries resulting from a craniotomy and subsequent chemo and radiotherapy.

The mid-20th century French, existential philosopher Merleau-Ponty noted, ‘I am my body.’

We all are just that: our bodies. Vulnerable, dependent, broken, beautiful, and surviving. Join me on this sustained research project to survive aggressive brain cancer. You’ll learn a lot about me, about neuroanatomy, cancer, and nutrition, and maybe a little about yourself.

This is glioblastology.
Cheers- AH