You are Invited! Inside My Head: The Personal Story of My Walk with Brain Cancer

Local (Indianapolis area) friends and supporters, I am excited to share information about a public “talk” I am giving on Sunday, March 5, 2017, 3:30m-4:30pm on the south side of Indianapolis in a large multipurpose room at Friedens UCC, 8300 S Meridian. During this narrative/anecdotal speaking engagement, I will share lessons gleaned from my battle with brain cancer. I hope the talk is interesting to people who have been following me online or through my blog, and I intend for the “lessons” to be applicable to a wide variety of folks.

The talk will give life to the themes you find here in this blog: considerations of the patient experience, insights into the traditional doctor-patient relationships, and thoughtful words about engaging with friends or family who face difficult medical diagnoses. I will bring my narrative to light, and I hope we may connect socially after my talk as we enjoy some time of refreshments in a casual environment.

The following is a link to the public Facebook event. Please feel free to add yourself to RSVP, invite others who may have an interest in the event, and share to your wall or a friend’s.

Facebook Event Page: Inside My Head: The Personal Story of My Walk with Brain Cancer

For non-local followers, I plan to incorporate Facebook Live into the event. I will not say much about that here and now, since I would rather see friends join us in person than find us online, but I hope to reach many friends, and either live broadcasting or post-event video sharing, I will be sure to accommodate whoever can’t attend in person.

Ideas for topics to discuss during the talk? Leave me comments, email me, or tweet tweet tweet.

Can’t wait to see you Sunday, March 5, 3:30pm! Be there or, you know, be [ ].

Click the following link to download a PDF even announcement. Feel free to pass the PDF on to friends via email: ahayden_inside-my-head_3-5-17


One response to “You are Invited! Inside My Head: The Personal Story of My Walk with Brain Cancer”

  1. Adam, Sally Barrett, who knows Whitney, would like to come with me to hear your words of wisdom. (March 5) we both follow your blogs and hope to share in this experience with you.11


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